Magnesium trisilicate is an inorganic compound that is used as a food additive. The additive is frequently used by fast food chains to absorb fatty acids and extract impurities formed while frying edible oils. It has good acid neutralizing properties.

Prepared from Sodium silicate and Magnesium sulfate.

SynonymsMagnesium silicate hydrate,
Magnesium silicon oxide
CAS no.14987-04-3
EINECS no.239-076-7
Molecular formulaMg2O8Si3
Molecular weight260.86


Magnesium Trisilicate is a common antacid drug that is used for the treatment of indigestion, heartburn, or gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD).

It is also used as
Decolorizing agent
Industrial odor absorbent


DescriptionA white or almost white powder
SolubilityPractically insoluble in water & in ethanol (96%)
IdentificationA) The Neutralized filtrate responds to the tests for Magnesium
B) Silica Floats about in the bead, producing, upon cooling an opaque bead with a web-like structure
Water%Between 17.0 to 34.0
Soluble saltsThe residue weight not more than 38.0 mg (1.5%)
Chloride%Not more than 0.055
Sulfate%Not more than 0.5
Free AlkaliNot more than 1.0 ml of 0.10 N hydrochloric acid is required
ArsenicppmNot more than 8
Acid consuming capacityBetween 140 ml to 160 ml of 0.10 N hydrochloric acid
Assay as MgO%Not less than 20.0
Assay as SiO2%Not less than 45.0
Ratio of SiO2 to MgOBetween 2.10 to 2.37
Product is also available in BP/EP grades

The product is stored at ambient temperature protected from moisture

25 kg HDPE bags

2. EU-WC (Written Confirmation)

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