Partnering with our suppliers

Partnering with the right supplier has a decisive impact on the success of any project or development. That’s why we believe in establishing long-term and trustworthy relationships by partnering with suppliers who share our commitment and philosophy towards the customer.

If you need a platform to distribute your products internationally, ExSyn’s highly experienced and technically sound team of business managers will promote your product across the globe. In doing so, we also leverage our proximity to Indis Group members. Our suppliers benefit from our profound expertise in international marketing, logistic solutions and regulatory affairs services. Marketing arrangements can be exclusive or non-exclusive.

Supplier quality and dependability

We work closely with our suppliers to continuously learn and improve. We conduct formal reviews and plant audits to ensure their facilities meet the required standards and their products meet our expectations in terms of technical specifications, quality, and safety.

Supplier risk management

To guarantee continuous supply to our customers, we assess potential gaps and implement strategic action plans to mitigate product supply chain risks. This can include monitoring the financial health of our suppliers and conducting quality compliance audits using third parties. We also work jointly with our suppliers to perform risk assessments and, where required, we support those suppliers in developing business continuity plans.

Supplier diversity

ExSyn encourages small businesses which include proprietary companies and budding entrepreneurs who have exceptional technical acumen in the field of custom synthesis and manufacturing. We endeavour to create equal opportunities for small companies as well as large corporate houses.