Excellence in synthesis and sourcing in the pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food, agrochemicals and personal care industries

High-quality ingredients are vital for the life science industry. That’s why our team sources products only from highly experienced and reliable manufacturers.
As an international company founded in Mumbai 30 years ago, we hold close relationships with trusted manufacturers and source or synthesize products from all over the world, thus ensuring highest quality and compliance standards along with competitive pricing.
We have sound experience in supplying to regulated markets such as the US and Europe, therefore meeting the strictest logistic and regulatory requirements.

APIs: Linking chemistry with life
  • Access to a portfolio of over 2,000 APIs
  • Our manufacturers are UK-MHRA, USFDA, TGA and EU accredited
  • Comprehensive technical documentation such as E-DMF, CEP, US-DMF available
  • Ability to handle milligram to multi-ton cargoes with special packaging and transport conditions
Pharma intermediates & fine chemicals: The essence of functional chemistry
  • Versatile portfolio of building blocks
  • Comprehensive range of drug intermediates
  • Ability to synthesize complex compounds under GMP
Nutraceuticals: Chemistry that enhances life
  • Exotic range of nutraceuticals from across the world
  • Focus on plant extracts, products of animal origin, algal products, biosynthetic products and minerals
  • Standardized, full spectrum herbal extracts
  • Ingredient documentation and product dossiers available
  • Technical, regulatory and formulations support
Excipients: Inactives that enhance functionality
  • Excipients for Solid, Inhalation, Injectable, Dermatological, Semi-solid and liquid dosage forms  
  • Products complying USP-NF, EP, BP, JP, FCC grade from GMP accredited manufacturers with regulatory support
Vitamins: Vital to move forward
  • Comprehensive portfolio of both water- and fat-soluble vitamins
  • EU and USFDA accredited facilities
  • Innovative nutritional pre-mixes available
Food & feed: We are what we eat
  • Focus on food ingredients, additives and auxiliary materials
  • Food ingredients are FCC, HACCP, halal and kosher certified
  • Feed raw materials from GMP and FAMI-QS accredited manufacturers
Flavours & fragrances: Taste and sense our chemistry
  • Versatile spectrum of synthetic and natural ingredients 
  • An expansive selection of over 1500 products
  • Ability to provide customized product solutions
Agrochemicals: Chemistry that drives organic food chain
  • Focus on synthetic and botanical-origin products
  • Active ingredients for regulated as well as non-regulated markets
  • Regulatory support for product registration.
  • Ability to offer toll manufacturing for intermediates
Cosmetic ingredients: Confidence enhances performance
  • Diverse range of natural and synthetic ingredients
  • Portfolio includes skin, hair and oral care, as well as bath and body care, sun care and functional ingredients
  • Organic and COSMOS certified ingredients
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