Custom Synthesis

Custom synthesis is a strategic sourcing service that is essential to develop hard-to-find fine chemicals and intermediates or an alternate route of synthesis. Our team is backed by more than 50 years of composite experience in leading custom synthesis projects. We undertake new product developments and syntheses of new chemical entities required by the customer under exclusivity or non-exclusivity, on a long-term or spot basis.

ExSyn has synthesis capabilities in India, Asia, Europe and USA and manages all quantities from milligrams to multi-ton. Our developments strictly follow a pre-defined timeline, along with a complete IP protection across the project.

Hard-to-find chemicals

Impurities for APIs
Products required by catalogue houses, biotech companies and drug discovery companies
Fluorochemicals by various processes

Project management by in-house expertise

In-house RoS scouting & alternate processes
Enquiry to competent synthesis partner
Project manager as single window contact 

Multiple reaction matrices

Associated producers capable of diverse chemistries such as heterocyclics, hydrogenation, fluorination, lithiations, Grignard reactions, organometallics, boronics, various named coupling reactions, asymmetric syntheses, chiral resolutions, enzymatic reactions, and biological processes such as fermentation

Location flexibility in manufacturing

Protocol to have an alternate source in a different geography
Location flexibility allows synthesis in regions where environmental factors are favourable
Production flexibility in region close to critical RM source saving logistic cost 

Custom synthesis from milligram to multi-ton scales

Number of associated kilo-labs capable of synthesizing milligram to kilogram quantities
Associated producers to scale up the chemistries to produce metric ton quantities 

Toll manufacturing

On long-term contract basis under exclusivity
Suitable manufacturers with enough spare capacities

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Success stories in custom synthesis

as a key starting material for a new development project


Successfully delivering 600 kg of a custom synthesized intermediate for a critical API employing a new RoS


Successful development of a competitive, scalable and cost-effective process for natural biosurfactants derived from fermentation, including a number of demonstration runs