Podophyllotoxin is a non-alkaloid toxin lignan extracted from the roots and rhizomes of Podophyllum species. It is an organic heterotetracyclic compound that has a Furonaphthodioxole skeleton bearing a 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl substituent.

The two step manufacturing process involves extraction of crude Podophyllotoxin from harvested root of Podophyllum E.modi using suitable solvent followed by crystallization and oven drying.

Synonym1,3,3a,4,9,9a-Hexahydro-9-hydroxy-6,7-(methylenedioxy)-4-(3′,4′,5′- trimethoxyphenyl)benz[f]isobenzofuran-3-one
Plant SourcePodophyllum E. Modi
Part of PlantRoot
CAS no.518-28-5
EINECS no.208-250-4
Molecular formulaC22H22O8
Molecular weight414.41


Podophyllotoxin is classified as ATC class: D06BB04 drug and is listed in WHO’s list of Essential Medicines
Antineoplastic and antiviral activities are the most pronounced pharmacological effects of Podophyllotoxin. It is a cytotoxic agent that binds to DNA and inhibits protein synthesis
Podophyllotoxin has also been shown to have anti-cancer effects in leukemia and other cancers, as well as being a potential anticancer drug for acute leukemia. It has been shown to induce oxidative stress and cell death in cancer cells
It is used for the topical treatment of genital warts in children and dermatological conditions caused by Psoriasis vulgaris as well as Molluscum contagisum infections
It may also be used as a therapeutic agent to treat genital tumors, Wilms tumors, lung cancer, and lymphomas


AppearanceVisualWhite to off-white powder; no visible evidence of contamination
Identification by IRTo conform to structure
Melting point°C175.0 – 185.0
Assay by HPLC%Min  90.0
Heavy MetalsppmMax 20.0
% Volatiles by LOD
(2 hours, 105°C under vacuum )
%Max 3.0
Chromatographic Purity by HPLC
4’-Demethylpodophyllotoxin%Max 8.0
Specified impurity @ RRT 0.80%Max 0.5
Specified impurity @ RRT 1.34%Max 1.0
Specified impurity @ RRT 2.4%Max 0.5
Picropodophyllin%Max 0.5
Individual unknown impurities%Max 0.5

Stored at 2 °C – 8°C

15 kg  UN approved cartons

REACH Status
Not registered

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