Our turnkey sourcing solution: We cover every single step

Excellence means way more than sourcing the right product. That’s why we cover all necessary services to deliver the best result for your product development, irrespective of business volume. Explore our services:

Vendor reduction
  • International team based in India, the US and Belgium ready to assist
  • Capability to consolidate all your suppliers
  • Management of supplier relationships, storage and supply chain
  • A single point contact for all your needs
Custom Synthesis
  • For hard-to-find fine chemicals and intermediates
  • For developing an alternate source or an alternate route of synthesis
  • Technical team with over 50 years of composite experience
  • Options of associated manufacturers that can employ wide and extensive process matrix to develop your product at a competitive cost
  • In-house RoS scouting
  • In-house process database
  • Ability to synthesize intermediate under GMP
  • Location multiplicity
Partnering with our suppliers
  • An ally and platform to our suppliers
  • Working closely to establish new markets and applications
  • Strategic partnering on exclusive / non-exclusive basis
Regulatory affairs
  • Quality management and monitoring of products
  • Contract Research Services and Audit Management Services
  • Sample Management
  • Maintaining and updating an extensive databank of product specifications, safety data sheets and product literatures
Supply and logistics support
  • Utmost compliance and expertise in international regulations: CLP, GHS, GDP for packaging, documentation, labelling & storage requirements
  • Labelling, packaging & cargo loading monitored by our experienced team
  • Managing customized packaging
  • Managing shipments across the world right from Ex Warehouse up to door delivery based on customer needs
  • Products sourced from mg > g > kg > multi-MT levels aptly delivered using most suitable logistical options
  • Capability to handle hazardous and non-hazardous, as well as temperature-controlled products
  • We manage all aspects of logistics to ensure overall cost efficiency
  • We are well versed with third-party inspections needed in certain countries and also work with the likes of SGS, Intertek for cargo inspections when needed