Iron, Electrolytic, occurs as an amorphous, lusterless, gray-black powder. It is elemental iron obtained by electrode deposition. It is stable in dry air.

Electrolytic iron is produced by electrolytic deposition of metal from an aqueous solution of a suitable iron electrolyte whereby metal is deposited onto a cathode and can be subsequently chipped off or stripped off the cathode and ground into fine powder.

Iron elemental
CAS no.7439-89-6
EINECS no.231-096-4
Molecular formulaFe
Molecular weight55.84


The leading clients of iron powder include the following sectors:
Food industry – fortification is to fight iron deficiency and add strength to the common day foods as also cereals. The process involves adding iron and other minerals to the raw or processed or semi processed food to improve its nutritional value.
Nutrition related manufacturing – iron nutrition supplements make use of pure iron which is available as electrolytic iron powder.
Pharmaceuticals manufacture – pharmacy industry also hugely depends on electrolytic iron powder for making drugs and compounds of diversity.
Chemicals – industrial chemicals sector make use of the pure iron powder to develop the intermediates and final products.
Paints & dyes – paints and dyes industry depends on pure iron powder to make the color complexes and dyes.
Diamond cutting tools industry – diamond cutting tools are fast expanding in scope and functions and these increasingly use electrolytic iron powder to make the diamond blades, tool heads, and bits.


Iron (as Fe)%Min 99.5
Acid Insoluble%Max 0.2
Arsenic (as As)ppmMax 3.0
Lead (as Pb)ppmMax 4.0
Mercury (as Hg)ppmMax 2.0
Sieve análysis
– Passing through 100 mesh #
– Passing through 325 mesh #


Min 100
Min 95

Stored in a dry area and material should be placed on pallet not on ground. RH must be < 40%

1 year in 1000 kg Jumbo bags & 3 years in 25 kg vacuum pack in corrugated box.


REACH status
Iron powder offered by ExSyn is EU REACH registered.

No matter the quantity you need, our exceptional quality and service will make ExSyn your supplier of choice! If you need any additional information or SDS, please contact us.

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