Hot melt polyamide adhesives are 100% non-volatile, thermoplastic adhesive resins. These are heat-resistance hot melt adhesive, suitable for bonding materials hard to bond together.

These polyamide adhesives are usually composed of a dimer acid with often two or more different diamines. The dimer acid usually presents 60–80% of the total polyamide mass and provides amorphous nonpolar character. Linear aliphatic amines such as ethylene diamine and hexamethylene diamine, provide hardness and strength.

Indomide™ 6136  is a hot melt adhesive based on a co-polyamide polymer. It is  characterized by a low viscosity at the application temperature, a fast-setting time and a short open time . Uniquely designed for various applications including Preformed Thermoplastic Road Markings.

SynonymsPolyamide Resin
CAS no.63428-84-2
Excellent Plasticizer resistance
Good to excellent performance at elevated temperatures
Low application viscosity
Good adhesion to variety of substrates (e.g., Leather, paper, non-woven, many plastics)
Good Chemical and grease resistance compared to other adhesives chemistries
Tank Unit
Lasting Machines
Folding Machines
Toe-puffs Printing Machines
Adhesion on different substrates
Gripping speed
Setting time
Reversible bonding with temperature
Preformed Thermoplastic
Hot-Applied Thermoplastic additive for improved durability
Masterbatch Carriers


AppearanceAmber colored granules
Softening Point (ASTM D 3461)ºC130.0 – 140.0
Viscosity – Brookfield at 190 °C (MI-12)Pa.s4.0 – 6.0*
Note: *Cone/ plate Viscometer, Model Brookfield CAP 2000+

Store in a cool and dry place and protected from light
25 kg bags equipped with an aluminum film barrier against moisture action
500 kg cardboard octabins equipped with an inner PE liner
500 kg big bags
1000 kg big bags

ExSyn offers Indomide™ 6136 on commercial scales and welcomes enquiries. No matter the quantity you need, our exceptional quality and service will make ExSyn your supplier of choice! If you need any additional information or SDS, please contact us.

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