Dimethyl sulfoxide, popularly knowns by its acronym DMSO, is an organosulfur compound. It  is an aprotic polar solvent, a mild oxidant, and a common ligand in co-ordination chemistry. Its versatility lies in the fact that it can dissolve polar as well as non-polar solutes and hence it is a special solvent in organic syntheses. Its utility is further due to its low cost, low toxicity, and stability.


It is manufactured by oxidation of dimethyl sulfide by either oxygen or nitrogen dioxide.

SynonymsDimethyl sulfur oxide
CAS no.67-68-5
EINECS no.200-664-3
Molecular formulaC2H6OS
Molecular weight78.13

Applications in Medicine

as a solvent in in vivo and in vitro drug testing
used as topical analgesic

Applications in Pharma

DMSO is used as a solvent in production of:
Minoxidil, used as an antihypertensive and in dermatological preparations
Oxolinic acid, a quinolone antibiotic

Applications in Intermediates

It is a preferred solvent to manufacture intermediate products such as:
1,2-Methylenedioxybenzene from resorcinol

Generic Applications in Organic Syntheses

DMSO-induced dehydrogenation oxidations such as Swern Oxidation and Pfitzner Moffatt Oxidation
Oxygen-adding oxidation such as Komblum Oxidation
DMSO acts as source to incorporate methyl, methylsulfonyl, and methylthio groups in  substrate molecules


Crystallization point°CMin 18.10
Acid valuemg KOH/gMax 0.03
Transmittance at 400nm%Min 96.0
Refractive Index at 20 °C1.4775 – 1.4790
Moisture%Max 0.1
Purity%Min 99.90

The product is stored at ambient temperature

225 kg MS drum

REACH Status
Not registered yet

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