Propionic Anhydride is a colorless liquid having a pungent odor and high boiling point. It is miscible with most organic solvents. It is soluble in both water and alcohol.

It is a widely used reagent in organic synthesis as well as for producing specialty derivatives of cellulose.

Industrial route to propionic anhydride involves thermal dehydration, driving off the water by distillation.
Propionic anhydride has also been prepared by dehydration of propionic acid using ketene.

SynonymsPropanoic anhydride
Methylacetic anhydride
CAS no.123-62-6
EINECS no.204-638-2
Molecular formulaC6H10O3
Molecular weight130.14


PharmaceuticalsIt is used in the production of Fentanyl (pain management) & Deprodone propionate (anti-inflammatory).
AgrochemicalsIt is being used as an important building block for Clethodim (herbicide).
IntermediatesPropiophenone, 6-methylcoumarin are some of the intermediates that can be synthesized from Propionic anhydride.
OtherIt is used in polymers and reactive dyes.
Also, used as acylating agent for cellulose acetate propionate.


AppearanceClear colorless liquid with a characteristic odor
Identification (by GC)The retention time of the principle peak should correspond to the one obtained with the standard
Density at 20°Cg/ml1.005 – 1.015
Purity (by GC)%Min 99.0

Store in original container at room temperature. Use nitrogen blanket, when part load removed.

200 kg UN approved HDPE drum

REACH Status
Not registered yet.

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