Today we announce that Exim is rebranding as ExSyn. We are presenting a new brand identity and website as a reflection of our relentless transformation over the course of 30 years serving the pharma and chemical industries. The new brand builds upon our core strengths as a sourcing company and captures our most essential duty: helping improve people’s health and lives.

About our new name: Our new name “ExSyn” has a similar sonority to our former name “Exim” but it brings along a new meaning: “ExSyn” merges the concepts of “Excellence”, a core value our team strives for, and “Synthesis”, one of our most valuable and strategic sourcing services. We round off our brand with the tagline “Essential Chemistry”, a depiction of the sector where we are involved: basic, fine, specialty or very advanced chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

About our new logo. Our new colour palette encompasses an elegant dark blue standing for science, reliability and transparency with a lively magenta-red that captures our passion for chemistry and health. Our logo represents the actual synthesis process through the “Y” icon, a funnel-like shape that symbolizes several simpler materials turning into a more complex substance. It also reminds of the synergies and valuable partnerships with our customers and trusted manufacturers, with whom we work hand in hand.

About our new brand key visual. We believe that behind chemistry there are always people. And we wanted to challenge everyone visiting our website with a memorable idea that makes them look twice and think about this message. We created a visual inspired by the Gestalt theory, an important school of psychology founded in Germany and Austria in the 20th century that laid the foundation for modern study of perception. Their main thesis was that the whole of anything is greater than the sum of all its parts. If you look close enough, our brand visual can be perceived as either a test tube or two faces. For us, that is a way to show how chemistry and people are a whole and always go together.

“After 30 years in the Life Science and Chemical industries we felt the need to communicate our core business activities and our corporate purpose through a powerful new brand that empowers the role of people in our sector, be it patients, families or customers. We look forward to spread this message across the globe.”

Amit Tibrewala, President and Chief Executive Officer

About our new website. Through a more dynamic, visual and content-driven website we want to make it easier for customers to find specific products and start inquiries. To that end we have significantly extended the content about our key business areas: life sciences, chemicals and our 360º services. With more than 70 categories spanning from APIs to construction materials, we have classified our comprehensive product portfolio in the most intuitive manner, including a convenient product search function. Beyond updating about company news and events, our new blog will feature relevant content about key products and valuable market insights for our customers. We have also given more presence to the entire team behind ExSyn, the backbone of the company.

The overall rebrand and new website was created by the Spanish creative agency Krieen Sustainable Communication. “We are proud of having contributed to ExSyn’s transformation through a new brand that reflects their unique way of working and captures their purpose of helping improve people’s health and lives”, comments Jürgen Krieger, Krieen’s CEO.