OnAdd® PP Oil WW 150 is a medium white oil formulated from highly refined hydrotreated base oils which is colorless, tasteless and odorless.
It is used as a plasticizer in the production of Hot Melt Thermoplastics as well as an additive to candles, water-proof coatings and similar products. It aids in pigment dispersion and resin emulsion in paints and coatings formulations.
It has the added advantages of excellent oxidation resistance; high film strength and it is non-staining in textile processing and cosmetics applications.

SynonymsWhite Mineral Oil
CAS no.8042-47-5
EINECS no.232-455-8
ComplianceUS FDA 21 CFR 178.3620 (b)


Excellent oxidation resistance
High film strength


AppearanceTransparent, colorless, bright and clear oily liquid
Density @ 29.5 °Cgm/cc0.830 – 0.860
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 °CCst28 – 34
Flash Point, COC°CMin 180
Pour Point°CMax (-12)
Paints, Coatings & SealantsMaster Batches, Carrier for dyes & inks, Viscosity Modifier
PlasticsCarrier for pigments
Renewable FuelsFeedstock for Biodiesel
Waxes & PolishesLubricant additive
Rubber CompoundsPlasticizer
PolyurethaneNatural Oil Polyol (NOP) used to produce Polyurethane Foam and Polyurethane Elastomers
Soaps & DetergentsSoap and Lubricant additive, Surfactant
Perfumes & Personal CareAdditive, non-comedogenic Emollient and Humectant in Creams and Lotions, Nail Polish
Hot Melt Road Marking PaintAdditive
Petroleum JellyAdditive
Textile ProcessingLubricant (non-staining)
Cosmetics & FragranceThickening agent, emulsifier, sun-screen lotion as protectant from harmful effects of UV rays, Additive to perfumes, incense, hair lotions, etc.

Store in a sheltered place away from sources of heat and moisture.

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