Where there is chemistry, we see people
30 years helping customers across 50 countries improve people’s health & lives

ExSyn was founded in Mumbai (India) in 1991 with the goal of helping customers succeed in their product search and development through a unique and turnkey approach in synthesizing, sourcing and supplying the highest quality ingredients at competitive prices.

Thirty years later, a passionate international team based in India, the US and Belgium continues to solve the hardest sourcing challenges, having contributed to countless projects across the globe. We are also the exclusive Indian member of the Indis Group, a global alliance of more than 20 leading chemicals and ingredients distributors.
Ultimately, what we are fundamentally involved in is “essential chemistry”, be it through basic, fine, specialty or very advanced chemicals and pharmaceuticals. And we do it to fulfill our most essential duty: helping improve people’s health & lives.

30+ years’ experience

Business in 50+ countries

Indis Group member

70% of business from referrals

Worldwide presence: India, US & Belgium

Our international team based in India, the US and Belgium makes us experts in Asian, European and American markets. Relying on our own global presence creates valuable synergies that enhance our sourcing, supply and regulatory capabilities.

Indis Group: Exclusive Indian member

Being an Indis Group member gives us the chance to work hand in hand with members across the globe, which for our customers translates into enhanced reliability and even quicker response to specific sourcing demands.

Our Team

Our team is the backbone of our company. Over 40 highly experienced professionals present globally work relentlessly towards delivering the best-possible product for our customers. They constantly bear in mind the purpose of our business: helping improve people’s health and lives.

Our business approach: Seeing the big picture

We believe that behind chemistry there are always people, be it patients, families or customers. We express this belief through a visual inspired by the Gestalt theory, an important school of psychology founded in Germany and Austria in the 20th century that laid the foundation for modern study of perception. Their main thesis was that the whole of anything is greater than the sum of all its parts.


If you look closely, the visual can be perceived as either a vase or two faces. Actually, both images are present all the time. For us, that is a way to show how chemistry and people are a whole and always go together.

Careers: Come aboard and move forward in your career!

We are in constant search of passionate professionals who want to make a difference in the life sciences and chemical industries. Talented people who share our values: striving for excellence and growth.

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In focus: 2-Fluoro-5-bromopyridine
Products in focus · 15/04/2021

A fluorinated heterocyclic which is a liquid with a halo-substituent at 4-position with respect to fluorine. The bromine atom in this case chiefly participates in condensation reactions with other chemicals that lead to an array of important intermediates, which are in turn used for various applications.

In focus: Pyridine-3-Carboxaldhyde
Products in focus · 15/04/2021

The heterocyclic is a liquid that serves as one of main coupling agents in the peptides and polypeptides production. The molecule is already activated by the presence of the aldehyde group and hence reacts readily in number of reactions.

In focus: 7-Deazahypoxanthine
Products in focus · 07/04/2021

The fused heterocyclic formed by fusion of pyrimidine and pyrrole rings, is a solid compound with a chromatographic purity of 98%.

It displays keto and enol isomers as is reflected in its synonyms and is an important biochemical reagent and a vital nucleobase.